Our Precious Prevost is SOLD but…

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The Salon

Here, in my Prevost salon is where I spent time writing seven best-selling books in my field. I was traveling between speaking engagements and needed quiet time to pull together the research, stories, and calls to action into manuscripts that would help people achieve their goals. With the smooth ride and luxurious surroundings, I would choose some music and immerse myself in writing. I even had a mini-office station set up with a printer and office supplies.

During stops, I could file everything back into my file boxes and store them underneath as we welcomed clients for one-on-one consultations or cocktail receptions. I had the best of both worlds – a beautiful space to work and entertain in, and the ability to put it away to enjoy life when my workday was done.

The Kitchen

I enjoy cooking, but only when traveling or on vacation.  My Prevost galley is comfortable and fully stocked for cooking and for entertaining.  The spacious Whirlpool refrigerator can hold plenty of groceries, as well as prepared catering trays for entertaining clients.  The built in wine rack keeps our wine collection safe on the road, and the glasses are always nearby, ready to go!

Featuring a built-in Jenn Air blender, which is perfect for a quick protein shake to start my day or for making margaritas to enjoy with newfound friends.  The trash compactor helps leave a smaller footprint for the environment, as well as minimizing one of the daily chores!

Kitchen counter with double sink
Queen size ultra comfort bed

The Bedroom

My private Prevost bedroom is likely where I have spent the most hours.  The bed is like sleeping on clouds and the sparkle lights make me feel as if I am truly sleeping under the stars!  With all new custom bedding and upholstery, the room is as beautiful as it is functional.  It is a welcome haven at the end of a busy day.  Or, as was often the case for me, a great place to linger with a cup of tea and a toasted English muffin while catching up with the world on TV as we were en route to our next destination.

Featuring built-in cabinetry for my full wardrobe and a hidden safe, I am able to travel with valuables without fear. As a full time speaker, author, and CEO, safety is important, and I never feel safer than when I am traveling in my Prevost.

The Bathroom

Many people are surprised by the spaciousness of my Prevost bathroom – something that all women will appreciate and enjoy! With plenty of direct storage, there are many mirrors so you can truly get ready from all angles.

It can easily accommodate a make-up or hair assistant, something vital when I was speaking or preparing for a television appearance. In fact, the neighboring wardrobe is one of the reasons we selected this model. My “work clothes” are close by, so assistants do not need to venture into my private bedroom to retrieve shoes or alternate blouses.

Bathroom view from bedroom
Air Ride Captain’s chair

Cockpit & Vehicle

I’m not the only one riding in luxury! My Prevost cockpit is comfortable and features advanced sun visors, back-up cameras, map light, and full visibility. Both the pilot and co-pilot captain’s chairs are luxurious leather upholstery and a joy to travel in.

The co-pilot seat is perfect for two kids who want to ride up front and have a great view! When parked, the entry slide keeps everyone on board safe from falls and the doorbell is a wonderful feature if you are (or aren’t!) expecting guests.

My Prevost was converted by Marathon Coach in 1992. We purchased it from Florida Luxury Coach in Stanford, Florida in 2005. It is a magnificent vehicle and because of the outside graphics, it was often mistaken for Mariah Carey’s coach! It also has a full towing package that we often used to tow my matching Hummer or one of our Polaris ATVs.

The engine is 8V92 Detroit Diesel with Allison transmission. It has new Michelin tires as well as new house batteries. It does plug into 50 amp shore power which is a benefit when we are close to civilization!

Prevost Exterior

My Prevost doesn’t just have a luxurious interior, what’s outside has probably seen just as many adventures and parties! With awnings, an entertainment zone, an outdoor sink, and all the storage bays, we have spent just as much time outside the coach as inside!